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The Eternaforest.forumotion.com forums will officially close on May 9th, at 11:59 PM EST. The forums had a good run, it really did. But as all things do, they have to end. Another failed pokemon forum attempt. Nothing I could have done would have changed this. All the staff stopped posting, stopped visiting. Maybe this is for the best. I would like to thank every single member for joining, and the staff for bringing up the forums. if you are a member please message me on my marriland forum account, or message me at: eternaforest@yahoo.com. Thank you.

The New Pokemon League Rules


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The New Pokemon League Rules Empty The New Pokemon League Rules

Post by Eternaforest on Tue Apr 15, 2014 12:29 pm

We have just a few rules for all our members. Each rule will be explained, and I will tell you why it is a rule as well. Let's get started!

Before we begin with the rules, lets discuss BAN POINTS.
The Ban Point is what our forums use to determine how members are banned. The following list is how many ban points go along with what ban time:
3 Warnings: 1 day Ban
5 Warnings: 3 day Ban
10 Warnings: 1 week Ban
20 Warnings: 1 Month Ban
50 Warnings: 6 Month Ban
100 Warnings: 1 Year Ban
105 Warnings: 16 Month Ban
110 Warnings: Life Ban

Stay on Topic
Why is this a rule? This is a rule because it is necessary to have some order on a forum website. This website will be monitored by its staff to make sure that this rule is being followed. Breaking this rule will give you 1 BAN POINTS. What is staying on topic? Well for example, in the X/Y section of the forums, do not make a topic titled MY HEARTGOLD SOLO RUN

No Mean Posts
Do not post anything that is considered mean. This also includes criticism. For example: If someone is asking you to rate their team, do not say "it's f*****g terrible." This rule is very basic, and it also makes sure no feelings are hurt. Breaking this rule will give you 10 BAN POINTS

No Illegal Activities
Do not discuss illegal activities including, but not limited to: Drugs, Murder, Rape, Theft, and others. This includes in pictures and in signatures. As a general Rule if you have any doubt do not post it! Breaking this rule will give you 100 BAN POINTS

No Porn
Any reference, showing, video or pictures that include pornographic material will result in you getting 100 BAN POINTS

Post Limit
Please do not post any more than three times in a row. I allow double posting, but three is pushing it. Do not hog the post. Breaking this rule will give you 1 Ban Point if enforced Why would this rule not be enforced? Well it really depends on the staff member. If it is me i will give you a point for every post over three in a row. But it also depends on the situation.

Automatic Ban Rule
The following activities will result in an automatic IP ban for life:
If you post anything that contains a virus, and it is proven that you are the cause, you will be ip banned and/or reported
If you hack into another's account, and it is proven that you are the cause, you will be ip banned and/or reported.
If you start a spam forum message, for example, giving away fake credit cards, and it is proven that you are the cause, you will be ip banned and/or reported

No Bumping
Please do not post just saying "bump" or something similar to that. Please include at least 3 words in a post. LOL is also banned as an only word post. Breaking this rule will result in 1 BAN POINT

I will add more rules as time goes on. Note that the staff members can post suggestions for new rules below or on another post. Thank you for reading have a great time on our forums!

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