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The Tournament Clauses


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The Tournament Clauses Empty The Tournament Clauses

Post by Eternaforest on Fri Apr 18, 2014 1:41 pm

I have officially created 8 Tournament Clauses. They are:
1. No Legends: Legend pokemon are banned from tournaments that use this clause
2. No Mega: No pokemon can hold a megastone of any kind if this clause is used in a tournament
3. No healing: Any move that heals the user's hp, an allies hp, or an enemy hp is banned if this clause is used in a tournament
4. No Berries: No pokemon can hold a berry of any kind if this clause is used
5. No Item: No pokemon can hold any sort of item. This does not include megastones (unless no mega clause is used)
6. No status- No pokemon can use a move that inflicts any type of status condition.
7. No Stat Raisers- No pokemon can use a move/item that raises any stat.
8. No protect- The moves Protect, King Shield, and Detect cannot be used

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