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The Eternaforest.forumotion.com forums will officially close on May 9th, at 11:59 PM EST. The forums had a good run, it really did. But as all things do, they have to end. Another failed pokemon forum attempt. Nothing I could have done would have changed this. All the staff stopped posting, stopped visiting. Maybe this is for the best. I would like to thank every single member for joining, and the staff for bringing up the forums. if you are a member please message me on my marriland forum account, or message me at: eternaforest@yahoo.com. Thank you.

Rules of Off Topic


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Rules of Off Topic Empty Rules of Off Topic

Post by Eternaforest on Thu Jan 23, 2014 9:13 pm

Here are our off topic rules!
2. Use real words (ex: Do not say whas up!, instead, say Whats up)
3. Political debates are allowed. I like political debates, as long as nothing gets personal.
4. No porn links, pictures, videos, or anything of the nature. I reserve the right to ip ban anyone who breaks this rule without questions asked by either side. Please report all violations
5. If you do not agree with someone, message them, do not put it here on the forums. The entire topic will be deleted if this rule is abused.
More rules to come.

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