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The Eternaforest.forumotion.com forums will officially close on May 9th, at 11:59 PM EST. The forums had a good run, it really did. But as all things do, they have to end. Another failed pokemon forum attempt. Nothing I could have done would have changed this. All the staff stopped posting, stopped visiting. Maybe this is for the best. I would like to thank every single member for joining, and the staff for bringing up the forums. if you are a member please message me on my marriland forum account, or message me at: eternaforest@yahoo.com. Thank you.



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Post by Eternaforest on Thu Apr 17, 2014 9:42 pm

This tournament will consist of many rounds. The Player who wins the most battles in all the rounds will be declared winner. Here is how the tournament will work:
There will be a Restricted first round. This round will have many battles. Each player will battle about 5-10 times. The top 15 winners will then move on to less restricted round. The top 10 winners will advance. The next round will commence with a very unrestricted round, which will only have one to two restrictions. The top 6 winners will advance to the semi-final round. That round will have many battles, and the top 2 winners will go to a final, unrestricted battle to determine the winner.

Signup begins: 4-17-2014
Signup ends: 5-20-2014
Round 1 Begins: 6-1-14
Round 1 Ends: 6-15-14
Round 2 Begins: 6-16-14
Round 2 Ends: 6-21-14
Round 3 Begins: 6-22-14
Round 3 Ends: 7-1-2014
Semi-Finals Begin: 7-4-2014
Semi-Finals End: 7-9-2014
Final Round: TBA

Sign up soon! Any questions? Ask below

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